CISS for Epson WF-7110,WF-7210,WF-7610,WF-7620,WF-7720,T252

CISS for Epson WF-7110,WF-7210,WF-7610,WF-7620,WF-7720,T252

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This is one set of Continuous Ink Supply System for Epson 252/ 252XL (non-OEM). It is brand new, with special design. It can be filled with water based Dye ink, Sublimation ink, Pigment ink, or edible ink. It comes with ink tank and 4 ink cartridges.

The item is Brand new, manufacturer sealed. The CISS comes with auto reset chips (ARC), which allows you to use the cartridges over and over again.

Please make sure that you have installed the original Epson cartridges came with the printer before.

Please do not update the printer's driver when using non-Epson cartridges.

The CISS comes with the accessories for installation. Please make sure to fill the CISS and the ink cartridges to full before installing the CISS in the printer.